TRACKLOK® Evolves / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® have been working hard in the USA for the last two years testing our products to achieve ICC accreditation – no small feat!

We are close to achieving this goal.

As part of this process we have been required to change the material TRACKLOK® products are made from. We have complied and will be making TRACKLOK® in steel going forward.

We have also tested with a reduced number of screws in the fly plate and top connectors of TRACKLOK®, TRACKLOK® RETRO and TRACKLOK® TIMBA.

This has been a success.

The “new” TRACKLOK® products will only require 4 x 10-gauge wafer tek screws in each connection point to the steel stud, reducing the amount of screws required to brace!

We will run out the aluminium stock and steel will begin to filter through. Plus, we will be updating images and design guides with the new look.

As we do, please note that both the aluminium and the new steel versions comply to AS/NZS1170 and provide the same capacity.

Contact your local TRACKLOK® distributor – they have samples and stock ready for you.