Welcome back / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® wish you very Happy and Prosperous New Year and welcome to 2019 - it has been an amazing summer season, complimented by fantastic weather. If it’s your first day back at work after a decent break, then lucky you! If you’ve been back at work for a while, then we hope you are enjoying the weather before and after work.

All of us at TRACKLOK® have been working hard over the summer break, ensuring the availability of TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® products here in New Zealand and Australia.

We have also been involved in a robust test program based in California, which will help us provide these great solutions to the US market. Our testing in the USA was successful and our accreditation is progressing well. One of the benefits of testing to USA codes and requirements has been to verify what we already know about the capacity and performance of TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK®, while learning a few new things.

We will have more updates about these learnings soon and we look forward to sharing them with you.

In the meantime, if you or your clients have any questions please contact us and remember to take advantage of our FREE TRACKLOK® Mark Up Service.