TRACKLOK LTD believes the way to better building practices is through logic and compliance.

Our core philosophy of saving lives, property and assisting business continuation has led us to develop the TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® range of products. This range of pre-engineered, off the shelf products enables architects, designers, structural engineers, construction companies and installers to mitigate the risk on non-structural failure in commercial buildings. The TRACKLOK® system for walls and the GRIDLOK® system for ceilings are perfect examples of applying logic, innovation and best practice to mitigate risk and improve building resilience.

Interior fit out is a complicated, multi trade discipline. It requires excellent co-ordination and a deep understanding of building to code and best practice. TRACKLOK® Ltd provides bracing options to take the guesswork and liability out of securing non-structural walls and ceilings. Both the TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® range of connections have been designed to comply with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers warranties.

Our testing regime has been thorough, extensive utilising the best minds in the engineering, architectural and academic world. These results have been peer reviewed and tested in the real world during New Zealand’s seismic events. We continue to invest in research and development in order to refine our approach, this is leading to many revolutionary products entering the research and testing phase. At TRACKLOK® LTD we aim to help our industry “build it better”.


TRACKLOK Ltd strives to work with like-minded industry leaders who support and distribute TRACKLOK® nationwide. We are an active member of the AWCI as we believe that our participation in this proactive organisation will help to build a better industry governed by sensible codes of practice.

TRACKLOK® will benefit the interior fit out industry nationwide.

So, with the support of fastidious structural engineers, hard working test facilities, industry know-how and state of the art manufacturing techniques, we are confident TRACKLOK® is a big step forward.