Watch our GRIDLOK® install video / by Shaun Evans

The up take of GRIDLOK® for consistently securing grid ceilings has been fantastic - from designers, engineers and installers. Leading ceiling installers have been impressed with the speed of install, the ability to rotate the bracing footprint, which avoids service clashes and of course the consistent performance.

Remember there are two types of GRIDLOK®: GRD-10P for Armstrong Peak Form and GRD-10 for everyone else.

The team at TRACKLOK® spent a lot of time developing and testing GRIDLOK® - during which we discovered some parts that are useful in other applications.

Firstly, the top connectors of GRIDLOK® have the capacity to provide simple lateral bracing for bulkheads. These are coded as SPT-10BC with two capacity types, one at 210kg and the second at 425kg. These bulkhead connectors are simple, pre-engineered, fast to install and extremely cost effective.

Secondly, a GRIDLOK® proto-type used for testing registered a capacity of 425kg’s.

Talking with service engineers, this is ideal for bracing some services. The use of steel stud as the bracing stock means it is cost effective too - talk to us today.

Finally, we have put together a quick GRIDLOK® install video here – it shows how efficiently back bracing can be done.