New seismic bracing guide coming soon / by Shaun Evans

From specific design through to standard fit out work, the TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® range of products are being well utilized.

At TRACKLOK® Ltd we’ve been speaking to engineers about using TRACKLOK® bracing units as the starting point for their specific designs. They agree, TRACKLOK® provides a quantifiable and robust base for Importance Level 2 (IL2) though to Importance Level 4 (IL4) designs.

In order to facilitate engineer’s designs, we are working hard in the background compiling a complete guide to seismic and structural bracing for walls and ceilings.

Utilising the work done developing TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® we will be releasing this bracing guide in the coming months – we’ll keep you updated with progress.

For now, we continue to develop new products, support designers with information and help to provide clarity on site by marking up plans with TRACKLOK® positions.