TRACKLOK® RETRO for existing commercial buildings / by Shaun Evans

Events of 2016 have seen the focus on non-structural elements sharpen even further. Changes have been made to NZS 1170.5 to ensure parts’ loading reflects real world actions, while seismic events of 14th November 2016 highlighted the performance of correctly braced non-structural elements.

Our partners and clients in Wellington have been de-coupling partition walls from ceilings to ensure quality and safe tenancies. The use of TRACKLOK® RETRO makes this job particularly easy.

TRACKLOK® RETRO is fitted to the partition head and braced to the structure over allowing ceilings and walls to be de-coupled quickly and easily. It also means decisions can be made on whether to retain or replace ceiling elements to meet NZS 1170.5 – this is where GRIDLOK® can also assist.