AS/NZS2785:2018 Suspended Ceiling Design and Installation – Draft Out / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® welcomed the draft of AS/NZS2785:2018 this month, it is a real reflection of learnings in the non-structural built environment. The draft suspended ceilings standard shows how real-world advancements in design and construction become part of the building code. Once issued as an official standard, AS/NZS2785:2018 will ensure New Zealand and Australia continue to develop resilience in our building stock.

First though, it is your opportunity to have your say, click here to read the draft, then formulate and submit your comments.

When using steel stud to brace ceiling systems, often the legs (side walls) of the stud are removed. This leaves only the web of the steel stud as the attachment point to the ceiling system.

We believe there is a fundamental flaw in this approach, which is why we developed GRIDLOK®. The structural integrity of the steel stud is removed when it's geometric shape is altered/removed – perhaps more of a focus for AS/NZS4600, but still a real concern.

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