Plan mark up / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® have been speaking with engineers, designers and installers about creating efficiencies in bracing of non-structural walls and ceilings. It is clear there is a need for consistency. From design to consent to installation and inspection.

In a response to this, TRACKLOK® offer a FREE plan mark-up service for wall bracing.

Simply email your reflected ceiling plan (RCP) to us showing the part height partition walls, wall build up and location of the project. Our dedicated team will mark the TRACKLOK® positions on the plan. This marked plan along with our Bracing Guide can be lodged with the consent for the project, filed with the successful installation company and retained for use by project managers and building inspectors to ensure consistency. This is another small way in which we can make a big difference on site!

Contact the team at TRACKLOK® today or simply email your wall plans and designs here.