Build efficiency and cost reduction / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® have been speaking with architects and engineers around the world about the efficiency and build benefits TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® bring to construction.
Utilizing TRACKLOK® for partition walls, allows designers to confidently bring non-fire and acoustic rated full height walls under ceiling to achieve substantial cost and labour savings. The ability for TRACKLOK® to provide pre-engineered compliance to building codes means part height partition walls are a real option to replace some full height walls.
Another feature of TRACKLOK®, is the rubber dampener. This prevents the head track from twisting under seismic loads and interstory drift, avoiding plasterboard separation and achieving compliance.
Additionally, GRIDLOK® rigid bracing for ceiling systems has seen a reduction in labour hours and in the number of braces required, due to the consistent capacity of GRIDLOK®.
We continue to work with industry professionals to find new ways to achieve build efficiency and cost reduction while achieving maximum code compliance.
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