Build it Better / by Shaun Evans

Commercial Bay, Auckland. Due for completion 2019.

Commercial Bay, Auckland. Due for completion 2019.

Happy New Year from the folks at TRACKLOK® - we truly wish you all success for 2018 both in business and in life. For those of you back at work – welcome back. For those of you still on holiday or about to embark on a delayed break – have a great time!

This year we see the start of a number of landmark projects. From Commercial Bay and the Convention Centre in Auckland City to the Convention Centre in Christchurch and the International Airport in Wellington. TRACKLOK® will be working with architects, engineers and installers on these and many other projects throughout New Zealand. Alongside our hard-working distributors, we will ensure TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® secures partition walls and ceiling grids efficiently.

We have also seen the uptake of TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® in commercial residential, with many apartment projects utilising these products to save substantial costs to project.

The team at TRACKLOK® are ready to help. We have our plan mark up team ready to assist with TRACKLOK® placements and our sales and technical support on call.

Let’s work together and “build it better” in 2018!