QS comparison of GRIDLOK® compared to traditional back bracing methods / by Shaun Evans

It’s a busy time at TRACKLOK® as we help our customers understand the GRIDLOK® grid ceiling, bracing proposition.

The features and benefits are clear, from quantifiable consistency, to rotation allowing avoidance of services and solid connection to the grid, but what about the commercial reality?

We asked an independent QS to run the numbers on installing GRIDLOK® compared to traditional back bracing methods. Check out our download page for the results.

GRIDLOK® installed = $88.50 Adhoc installed = $100.40

The results show that the commercial benefits of GRIDLOK® are positive to project and installers alike.

Combined with the speed of install and consistency of performance using GRIDLOK® is an easy decision to make … and let’s face it, the ability to avoid services is priceless!

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