DEFLOK™ is here! / by Shaun Evans



After two years of development (and a couple of hurdles along the way) we’re pleased to present to the market our new bracing system - DEFLOK™.

Traditional timber and proprietary aluminium head and glazing tracks have limited to no vertical deflection capabilities. DEFLOK™ gives these systems the ability to allow for + or - 25mm of vertical deflection whilst still maintaining all the lateral brace attributes of the standard TRACKLOK® range. This eliminates the requirement for a bulkhead over aluminium glazing lines.

Although TRACKLOK® FLAT does allow partitions to deal with unlimited vertical deflection, due to its unique design, it does have some wall weight and length limitations. DEFLOK™ provides vertical movement allowance of + or - 25mm, while effectively restraining walls up to 40kg per m2 over any length of wall. If the walls on your project are over 40kg per m2 contact our friendly TRACKLOK® technical team for advise on the appropriate bracing layout for you.

Traditional steel deflection tracks are a fantastic way to allow for + or - 20mm of vertical deflection, combined with DEFLOK™ you can achieve a huge 90mm or + or - 45mm of total vertical deflection.

DEFLOK™ does not require prior assembly, it’s a sealed unit that will not fall apart, bind or protrude into the glazing pocket.

TRACKLOK® bracing systems are extensively researched, developed and tested - we are committed to all aspects of the process, from the engineering to the ease of installation. We pride ourselves indeveloping products that have and continue to secure global accreditations so you can specify and install with confidence.

TRACKLOK® - Innovators not imitators.