TRACKLOK® World’s First ICC-ES ESR Accreditations / by Shaun Evans

TRACKLOK® Accreditaions 1200x630.jpg

TRACKLOK® has been issued with the world’s first ICC-ES ESR accreditations for partition and ceiling bracing.

The accreditation means our TRACKLOK® RETRO partition bracing and GRIDLOK® ceiling bracing is in full compliance with 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Building Code (IBC) plus 2016 California Building Code (CBC) and Los Angeles Building Code (LABC).

Check our international ICC-ES ESR 4188 (TRACKLOK® RETRO* known as BRACELOK in the US) and ICC-ES ESR 4187 (GRIDLOK®) accreditations.

icc_es_esr 4188.jpg

We have also secured our first OPM certification for TRACKLOK® RETRO from OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development). Hospitals and the health care sector throughout California now have access to, and certification for, our TRACKLOK® RETRO partition bracing – and we’re currently working through the process for GRIDLOK® too.


Special thanks to our US partners for ensuring our testing is world class, accredited and peer reviewed to the highest standards.

In New Zealand and Australia please contact our hard working and supportive distributors for all your bracing needs, including the long awaited DEFLOK™ vertical deflection bracing unit.

*Please note TRACKLOK® is known as BRACELOK™ in the USA to avoid brand confusion with Clark Dietrich Building Systems LLC drywall framing system TRAKLOC®.