California earthquake and why rigorous testing matters! / by Shaun Evans

California 6.4 Quake 600x400.jpg

This recent California earthquake is a timely reminder of how vulnerable we are and the importance of preparing and implementing early measures to prevent/minimize the impact of seismic events.

@TRACKLOK @BRACELOK USA) knows rigorous testing matters - our ICC-ES certification has been an arduous process because these high standards of compliance matter everywhere.

@TRACKLOK (@BRACELOK USA) knows the importance of investing and getting it right and we’re proud to have achieved one of the highest and most robust certifications in the world, the ICC-ES certification.

@TRACKLOK (@BRACELOK USA) is now supporting California commercial construction with @BRACELOK and GRIDLOK®.

We take #seismicresilience seriously because life, property and business continuity are at risk!