The Good News: Part 1 / by Shaun Evans


We’ve done it!

The team at TRACKLOK® are very proud to announce our US testing and accreditation regime has been completed - we have been issued the world’s first ICC-ES ESR for partition bracing.

We introduce to you ICC-ES ESR 4188. Please note TRACKLOK® is known as BRACELOK™ in the USA to avoid brand confusion with Clark Dietrich Building Systems LLC drywall framing system TRAKLOC®.

This means our RETRO partition bracing is in full compliance with 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Building Code (IBC). Plus, 2016 California Building Code (CBC) and Los Angeles Building Code (LABC).

We have worked closely with the good people at ICC Evaluation Service, QAI Testing Laboratories and our fantastic engineers at Degenkolb to design, implement and execute an approved testing regime, crunch the data and produce this stellar outcome!

Amazing to think it all started 6 years ago in a garage on the North Shore of Auckland City, trying to make a positive difference to the Christchurch City rebuild and help improve our industry.

We have more good news to come, but for now we want to share this achievement with you and thank you all for your support.