GRIDLOK® the market preference / by Shaun Evans


The team at TRACKLOK® have seen a strong preference of ceiling designers and installers for the GRIDLOK® rigid bracing system for ceiling systems. Traditional methods of back bracing are beginning to be viewed as inconsistent and time consuming, while providing less than ideal outcomes due to the ambiguity around cutting strength out of steel stud to form connection flanges and transitions.

Download the latest New Zealand (edition 3) Bracing Guide and the Australian Bracing Guide for latest guidance.

GRIDLOK® has proven capacity and a consistency in performance that appeals to designers, installers and inspectors. Feedback from the market shows the huge commercial benefits to installers of massively reduced labour content, increased flexibility of positioning and the ability to rotate the bracing footprint in order to avoid services. Also, with the increased and consistent capacity, there is always an opportunity to reduce the number of braces required when compared to less effective methods.

We will continue to work with ceiling manufacturers, our distributors and ceiling contractors to ensure projects benefit from the real advantages of bracing with GRIDLOK®.

If you have questions about GRIDLOK® or would like to learn more, please let us know.

Also, if you have a TRACKLOK® project requiring our FREE mark up service, email through your RCP and wall build ups, we are only too happy to assist. Please bear in mind that due to increased volume of work, our team will need advanced warning of your requirements.