The TRACKLOK® Bracing Guide has arrived! / by Shaun Evans

The TRACKLOK® Bracing Guide for New Zealand and Australia has arrived! After years of hard work, testing, and analysis we have completed the definitive guide to bracing non-structural partitions and ceilings in commercial fit out.

We have been working tirelessly on the TRACKLOK® Bracing Guide to ensure clarity and it is now ready to share with you. It provides designers, engineers, regulators and industry professionals with guidance for the bracing of non-structural partitions and ceilings. Importantly, it also provides contractors with a single point of reference, for easy to install and easy to build solutions to on-site bracing issues.

Using our pre-engineered, off the shelf TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® products in conjunction with this bracing guide will save time, save money and save cost to projects. This is a great step forward to “building it better”.

Take a tour through the TRACKLOK® Bracing Guide or download your digital copy from our website today. Printed copies will be available shortly – if you'd like a copy register your interest here.