GRIDLOK® capacity is up! / by Shaun Evans

We have some great GRIDLOK® news to share with you! Capacity is up!

We’ve been working hard to understand the full potential of GRIDLOK® and what we have discovered is an increase in capacity from 210kg to 280kg per brace. This also means that seismic designs using GRIDLOK® reduces the number of braces required! Substitution with traditional methods will require a re-design!

If it’s designed with GRIDLOK® – build it with GRIDLOK®. For more information, the New TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® Design Guide is coming soon – register your interest here.

The recent code changes and the media point to an increased focus on correctly securing non-structural elements within the building envelope. At TRACKLOK® we believe this focus is important and we will continue to develop pre-engineered, real world solutions. With TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® the interior fit out industry is ahead of the curve.